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  1. The Farm During the 1930's
    Dad was the first one up. He put corn cobs in the bottom of the kitchen stove, then added small pieces of wood and then regular wood, mainly hardwoods like oak and hickory.
  2. Taylorville and the war
    Dad and I both stopped hoeing corn and looked up in the sky toward the West. That's where the strange noise was coming from. An airplane was falling in the classic tail-spin. Both engines screaming. The plane disappeared below the western horizon. There was no crash explosion or noise. No mushroom cloud of smoke and flames.
  3. First Novel
    Jeanne showed me how to turn on the Tandy, get to the word processor, how to save and exit. She turned the computer off and left the room. Ten minutes later I was staring at the beautiful blue screen of Word Perfect. I sat there staring at the little white light blinking un the upper left corner of the screen.
  4. Our First Tractor
    Sometime in the early spring of 1939, Phineas Davis delivered a 1939 Ford tractor to the Lynch farm. It was the first year of the 9N model. It was one of 99,002 made in Dearborn, Michigan that year.
  5. Mrs. Pine and the CIA
    “Just where do you think he is?” Arbuckle placed both hands on the table. “You may as well tell us everything. We already know ninety percent.”
  6. Ancient Love
    My story starts in Egypt. I was deciphering the hieroglyphs on the walls on a 5000-year-old tomb just off the Valley of the Kings. I was having trouble with women.
  7. Love Potion # one
    “I tell you, she’s an alien. Ask anybody. They’ll tell you the same thing.” Caleb sat his empty draft beer mug on the bar, missing the beer coaster completely. “She’s an alien. That’s all there is to it.”
  8. Baghdad Cafe
    The sound of the file was not loud, but John could definitely pick it out from the low general noise in the Café. The man had a slow rhythm as he used both arms to move the file over the blade.